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xx 10th Anniversary

April 11, 2014, 04:21:00 PM by Jamaha
As of today, it's been 10 years since NinSheetMusic was first made available on the web.

During those ten years we've had our ups and downs, including losing our hosting and domain at some point. Despite all that, ten years later we're still alive and kicking. I suppose that's something to be proud of, having a website's age reach double digits.

I probably should attempt to write some grand speech here, but I'm not really that good at such things. Better to just cut it short: Happy 10th Anniversary to NSM!

- Jamaha
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xx So what's going on?

February 14, 2014, 10:48:18 PM by Jamaha
Hi again! Long time no see, unfortunately.

So yeah, It's been rather quiet on the front page for a while now. Turns out my estimation for the amount of time I have available this year was grossly misjudged. I haven't really had the time to work on the site with my studies and work going on.

Friday's Featured Feature is still going to be a thing, just a bit more irregular from now on. As you can see the weekly schedule didn't really work out and I have to admit it was way too optimistic. I'll try to make them as frequent as possible but I probably shouldn't make any promises.

Sorry to disappoint,
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xx No features this week

January 23, 2014, 08:38:58 PM by Jamaha
Hey, just a quick little heads-up. Despite my promises last week, there will not be an update this Friday.

The reason being that I just got a new apartment. I'm moving on Saturday so there's a lot of packing and preparation to do. With the already busy university and work schedule, there simply hasn't been enough time to work on NSM. Depending on how quickly I get settled to the new place and get my things sorted, there might be some kind of update next week. If not, I might have to take a couple of weeks off with the site features.

Sorry about that. At least the apartment has a two-year lease so this kind of disruptions shouldn't happen too often in the future.
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xx Friday's Featured Feature: Sheet archive improvements

January 17, 2014, 08:47:26 PM by Jamaha
Hi again! Jamaha here with Friday's Featured Feature Following the First. (Okay, these names are getting dumb. Not that it's going to stop me.)

This week brings some added features to the sheet archive. Currently, the arrangements can only be browsed by franchise. How about some other options? Sure! After this update these categories will be available in addition to browsing by series:

- Browse by console
- Browse by arranger
- Browse duets
- Browse arrangements for two pianos

People have requested the ability to browse the arrangements of an individual arranger. Consider that request fulfilled. Console listing wasn't exactly requested, but a fun little addition anyway. Also giving duets and two-piano arrangements their own categories should make it easier for people who are specifically searching for then.

Our old sheet database doesn't have any data regarding consoles, so the console category might seem rather bare for the time being. The console information has to be added manually so it'll take some time before all our games have found a proper console to call their home.

Unfortunately if you go check the site now, you don't see the changes anywhere. This is because this update is still somewhat work in progress. The actual changes happen tomorrow but I wanted to post about this today, as scheduled. This was mostly because this week was rather busy in regards to work and studies. Sorry about that.

Another update next week!

UPDATE: The changes are now live! The console listing is still incomplete, but it will be updated during the next few days.

UPDATE 2: Console listing is now done.
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xx Friday's Featured Feature: Site restructure and sheet popularity

January 10, 2014, 08:27:47 PM by Jamaha
Hello! It's time for the First Friday's Featured Feature, the weekly news post where I explain new features I've added to the site.

If you are reading this on the site's front page, you probably don't see anything changed. Most of the changes made in this update should be fairly transparent to the user and if something looks different, I probably broke something.

The reason things haven't changed much, is because I focused mostly on the back end of things, meaning that the changes affect the things happening on the server and development side. It might not affect your use of the site much, but it definitely helps me do my work. In the older site version, moving things around and adding new pages meant changing things in multiple files and still most likely breaking something. Considering that I just moved the new site from the test environment to the live server by just editing a couple of variables in the configuration, I'd say the changes were rather successful.

But how does all this affect you? The biggest change you can see at first is that the links in the navigation bar have changed a bit. Help has been divided into About and FAQ, to make their purpose more obvious. The order of the links also changed a bit and the change is probably going to annoy those of us who reflexively click the familiar location to access the forums. Sorry.

Clicking on any of the links you should notice that the format of the page urls has changed somewhat. This might result in some broken links if you've directly linked to the pages somewhere. The sheet archive links redirect automatically to the new system so you shouldn't have any problems there. Also, it's not like anyone would really want to link to the other...two pages we had in addition to the sheet archive.

The new FAQ and About pages have changed a bit from the older Help page. They don't contain that much information at this point, but I've made updating them a bit easier so they will actually be updated as time passes. The Staff page was also redone. Now it gets the data from the forums, so it instantly updates when someone gets added to the Staff group on the forums. It's rather plain looking right now, though. Look and layout weren't exactly the focus of this update today.

There's also one extra feature that might actually be of some interest: Arrangement popularity. If you go to the sheet archive, you should see a bar next to each download link. The bar represents an arrangement's popularity with a scale from 0 to 10. The popularity is based on the number of downloads in the past week and it is updated weekly. The popularity feature will be expanded later in the form of top 10 lists or something similar.

And that wraps it up for today, thanks for reading. Also, if you notice any errors caused by the updates today, please report them for example by replying here. Stay tuned for more updates next Friday!
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