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Extra SFX G-Han
Heart of Fire G-Han
Out of Time G-Han
Poison Mind G-Han
Stalker G-Han
Vampire Killer G-Han
Walking on the Edge G-Han
Wicked Child G-Han
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Bloody Tears Maxime Laprade
Ending "Requiem" Jimbabwe
Game Over Jimbabwe
Monsters Dance Jimbabwe
Silence of Daylight Jimbabwe
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Evergreen Jimbabwe
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Chapel Commander6
Clocktower Commander6
Inner Quarters Commander6
Study Commander6
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Aquarius Commander6
Awake Commander6
Fate To Despair Commander6
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Cursed Clocktower G-Han
Demon Castle Pinnacle G-Han
Pitch Black Intrusion G-Han
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Bad Situation G-Han
Crucifix Held Close G-Han
Gaze Up At The Darkness G-Han
Iron Blue Intention Awasai
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Lost Painting Petpetfood
Marble Gallery Commander6
The Tragic Prince Petpetfood
Haunted Castle
Cross Your Heart G-Han

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