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Brinstar Brian Auyeung, Adrian Currier
Ending and Credits Olimar12345
Escape Theme MetroidHunter26
Item Found Megaman64
Kraid's Lair G-Han
Norfair Olimar12345
Ridley's Hideout Tranzlater
Title Theme Olimar12345
Tourian Olimar12345
Metroid Fusion
Final Mission MetroidHunter26
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Ancient Chozo Ruins Olimar12345
Metroid Hatchling Theme MoldyPond
Start Olimar12345
Title Screen Olimar12345
Tunnel Theme MetroidHunter26
Metroid Prime
Artifact Acquisition Fanfare Joel Hands-Otte
Chozo Artifact Temple Brian Ross
Crashed Frigate Thomas Wilson
Magmoor Caverns MetroidHunter26
Menu G-Han
Phendrana Drifts MetroidHunter26, Shadoninja
Tallon Overworld 2 Musical Toxin
Title Theme MetroidHunter26
Metroid Prime 2
Hydro Dynamo MetroidHunter26
Main Theme MetroidHunter26
Sanctuary Fortress Musical Toxin
Theme of U-mos MetroidHunter26
Torvus Bog Sir Awesomesauce
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Battle with Gandrayda Olimar12345
Channel Theme Metroid Hunter26
Title Screen MetroidHunter26
Metroid: Zero Mission
Chozo Guide MetroidHunter26
Kraid's Hideout MetroidHunter26
Title Screen MetroidHunter26
Super Metroid
Credits Tranzlater
Ridley Brassman388
Rocky Maridia Brassman388
Sandy Maridia Brassman388
Theme of Super Metroid The Deku Trombonist

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