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Banjo Kazooie


Donkey Kong

Dragon Quest

Final Fantasy

Fire Emblem

Golden Sun

Harvest Moon


Mega Man

Metal Gear Solid



Professor Layton


Star Fox

Super Mario

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The Legend of Zelda


Sonic & Knuckles
Lava Reef Zone Commander6
Sandopolis Zone Commander6
Sonic Adventure 2
Cannon's Core Part 3 PianoMan
E.G.G.M.A.N. PianoMan
In the Groove PianoMan
Metal Harbor PianoMan
Pumpkin Hill PianoMan
Riff A PianoMan
Sonic and Knuckles PC Collection
Launch Base Zone Act 1 Commander6
Launch Base Zone Act 2 Commander6
Sonic and the Secret Rings
High and Broken MrUnibrow
Sonic the Hedgehog
Green Hill Zone PianoMan
Invincibility Theme FierceDeity
Labyrinth Zone Musical Toxin
Scrap Brain Zone Musical Toxin
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Boss Theme Commander6
Chemical Plant Zone Sekter77
Death Egg Zone Commander6
Emerald Hill Zone Commander6
Final Boss Commander6
Hill Top Zone Commander6
Metropolis Zone Commander6
Mystic Cave Zone 1 Player mantis985
Mystic Cave Zone 2 Player mantis985
Sky Chase Zone Commander6
Wing Fortress Zone Commander6
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Boss Battle Commander6
Endless Mine Musical Toxin
Hydrocity Zone Act 1 Commander6
Hydrocity Zone Act 2 Erich Goeckeritz
Sonic Unleashed
Apotos Day Mission (Duet) WiiMan96

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